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The 2006 symposium on patient compliance and persistence was held at the University of Bonn, Germany on November 30.


08:30- 08:45
Welcome from the city of Bonn
Peter Finger, mayor of the city of Bonn

Welcome and Introduction.
Rainer Düsing


Clinical impact of non-adherence (chair: Eric Van Ganse)

Keynote speaker:  Katherine Grosset
Title: Adherence issues in Parkinson's Disease

Contributed papers:

Adherence to statin therapy and attainment of guidelines LDL-cholesterol therapeutic objectives.
Kitio B.,Laforest L., Lapeyre-Mestre M., Badie K., Massol J., Van    Ganse E.

Data from two databases demonstrate improved persistence at 6 months in women treated with monthly vs weekly bisphosphonates.
Silverman S., Cziraky  M., Harley C., Middelhoven H., Barr C., Amonkar M.,  Chesnut III, CH

Medication-related Non-Compliance in Lung Transplant Recipients.
Kugler C., Gottlieb J., Fischer S., Simon A., Tegtbur U., Hecker H., Welte T., Haverich A., Strueber M.

Coffee break&Poster session

Adherence enhancing interventions (chair: Ulrich Jaehde)

Keynote speaker: Sven Simons.
Title: Multidisciplinary approaches enhancing adherence

Contributed papers:

Adherence in cancer patients receiving oral capecitabine  
Roth S., Simons S., Arjukese A, Braun M., Ko Y., Kuhn W., Mey U., Schwindt P., Wolter H., Jaehde U.

Electronic recording of patching for amblyopia group (ERPAG): reasons and a remedy for non-compliance?
Loudon SE, Fronius M, Looman CWL, Awan M., Simonsz B, Van der  Maas PJ, Simonsz HJ.     

Estimating the effect of an adherence intervention on blood pressure.
Tousset E., Figueiredo H., Schneider M.P.,Bugnon O., Burnier  M., Vrijens B.

Lunch & Poster session

Methodology (chair: Sabina De Geest)

Keynote speaker: Bernard Vrijens
Title: Validation of methods for compiling drug dosing histories in ambulatory patients

Contributed papers:

Monitoring of adherence to liquid antiretroviral medication in South African children - results and challenges
Müller AD., Bode S., Myer L. and von Steinbüchel N.

Conceptualization and validation of a new metric–sum of squares adherence index (SSAI) – for medication compliance.
Grubisic M., Gwadry-Sridhar F., Nichol MB., Yu A., Zhang Y., Cabilio P.

Electronic Monitoring of Immunosuppressive Medications: Should Two immunosuppressive Medications Be Monitored?
Russell, C., Conn, V., Ashbaugh, C., Hayes, K., Madsen, R., Ross, G.

Coffee break & Poster session

Keynote session: Economics of non-adherence (chair: Rainer Düsing)

Michael Halpern: Economic aspects of short persistence with chronic-use pharmaceuticals

Ron Herings: Economics of persistence with ‘hard’ outcomes

Dyfrig Hughes: Ultra- long acting pharmaceuticals: Do they result in better outcomes, and at an acceptable cost?

John Urquhart: Discussant

Concluding remarks, next year organization, and symposium closure
Bernard Vrijens

Poster contributed session

Compliance to medical prescription in patients before and after liver  transplantation (LT).
Canova D., Germani G., Rumiati R., Masier A., Cillo U., Tomat S.,    Perissinotto E., De Bona  M., Sturniolo G.C., Burra P.

Metodological considerations in using claims databases to evaluate compliance and persistence with bisphosphonates for osteoporosis.
Cramer, J and Middelhoven, H

Medication Taking Patterns in Adult Renal Transplant Recipients.
Russell, C., Conn, V., Ashbaugh, C., Hayes, K., Madsen, R., Ross, G.

Adherence to antidementia drugs  determined by electronic monitoring.
Schwalbe O., Kloft C.

Reasons for non-compliance with referral.
Tjiam, A. M.; de Graaf, M.; Groenewoud J H.; de Koning, HJ.;Simonsz  HJ.1

A visual analogue scale to evaluate patient’s self-estimation of adherence to medication using electronic monitors as comparator.
Zeller A, Ramseier E

Conference venue: Universitätsclub, Bonn, Germany
Date meeting
2006-11-30 → 2006-11-30