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New medication adherence website

2016-07-26 14:59:02

The Medication Adherence Alliance is an organization comprised of representatives from consumer advocacy groups, community health providers, non-profit groups, the academic community, decision-making government officials and industry representatives.

Launched in early 2016, The Medication Adherence Alliance’s new website,, serves as a comprehensive repository of up-to-date adherence resources. From patient tools to new research findings to updates on related policies, the website provides a wealth of information for the health care community on medication adherence. 

Features include:

  • Patient and Provider Toolkits: Including a variety of products patients and providers can use to encourage medication adherence;  
  • Adherence Facts: Key information for all members of the health care community;  
  • Promising Practices: A compilation of current practices, as well as practices under development, that aim to help patients remain adherent; and  
  • Research Compendium: Consisting of original research, reviews and meta-analyses and commentaries.  

Please visit to learn more.